25 Minute Flights
(per battery)

3 Sport Flight Modes

2K Video

9MP 4k Photo

Intelligent Flight

360° Obstacle Avoidance

EXO X7 Ranger PLUS


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It may be affordable, but this drone packs a ton of power.

Power, Range, Battery.

Your drone handles like a dream. 

Thanks to 100% brushless motors, you can cruise at 27MPH, with precise turning and smooth joystick control. 

Show that gust of wind who's boss.

Show that gust of wind who's boss.

With multiple downward sensors, Ranger will hover completely steady and fly no problem in 18-20 MPH winds.  

Battery Life: Unlimited?

Interchangeable batteries. Each battery flies 25 minutes, and extras fit easily in the free case. And the controller... it lasts for days.

With easy interchangeable batteries, you can come prepared and session for as long as you desire. Each battery flies 25 minutes, and extra batteries fit easily in the included case. Don't sweat the controller - it lasts for days.

Battery Life: Unlimited?

Take your videography next level.

Smooth, crisp video.

X7 Ranger partnered with Sony to get you a 2K video camera, with a 1/3in camera sensor and a 3 axis gimbal. That means more dynamic range, brighter colors, and a soft look. It's not for Hollywood, but certainly gets the job done. 

Image Quality

Moments you cherish deserve 4K.

With Ranger's 9MP photos, you can capture your best moments in impressive 4K quality.

  • 3 Axis Gimbal
  • 2K Video
  • 4K Photo
  • "I have been flying this company's Ranger drone for a few months, can attest they live up to their name. Outstanding service - they stand by what they sell - and it's a great product. I use it mostly for my roofing business, but it was a fun tax write off for the weekends."
    - Israel H*******, Verified Purchaser - July 17 2021

Peace of mind, built in.

Obstacle Avoidance

Venture safely by snapping on the EXO laser obstacle avoider. Enjoy 360-degree frontal collision avoidance so you can focus less on the surroundings and more on the flying.

Enjoy 360-degree frontal collision avoidance so you can focus less on the surroundings and more on the flying.

Auto Return

Safety Auto Return

With built-in GPS locationing, Ranger knows it's exact take-off point. It will return to it and land if:

1) You tap 'Return to Home'

2) You lose connection (automatic)

3) The battery gets too low (automatic)

You talked, we listened.

X7 Ranger Plus is here - Experience the improvement, in every way.

X7 Ranger


X7 Ranger Plus

360° Laser Detection

Flight Feature

Obstacle Avoidance


Hover Stability Variance

Battery Capacity


Controller Quality

X7 Ranger


3 Axis Gimbal (1st Gen)

< 3 ft

7.4V 2800mAh

From $397

Budget grade

X7 Ranger Plus

360° Laser Detection

3 Axis Gimbal (2nd Gen)

< 1 ft

7.6V 3400 mAh

From $449 ($259 Sale!)

Premium grade

Let Artificial Intelligence fly Ranger for you.

Preset, ready to go. In the Fly Ranger app there are a variety of smart-fly features that let the drone do the flying, and you do the doing.

Just drop a pin, and X7 circles you, keeping you centered for an epic blockbuster effect. 

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  • "Love Exo Drones! Their customer service is really what got me, their hands on team made it easy to work through any confusion I had. Inexpensive drones with a surprisingly good remote control and camera."
    - Andrew Michalik, Verified Purchaser - Oct 30, 2020

Live in the moment, not just the footage.

720p Live-Feed

Go along for the ride. Easily operate all smart features, see GPS location, use virtual reality goggles, and much more. With the live-feed, you see straight from the drones camera.

  • 1/2mi Tranmission
  • Built in GPS 
  • Location & Coordinates

Tilt it, zoom it, love it. 

120-degree camera tilt lets you shoot birds-eye shots, all the way through skyline shots. Zoom it up to 50X, digitally, and watch it all play out from the app.

Fly, anywhere.

Fly anywhere, even when there's no cell service or WiFi. With a free travel bag, your folding drone kit is easy to pack and lightweight, letting you take it on all your excursions.

  • "My son loves his! Had gotten a $300 drone for him in the past, and it was get what you pay for, this one is a big leap up. His favorite birthday gift, the joy is priceless."
    - Mike Lee,  Verified Purchaser - July 17 2020

No delays on your first flight. 

No experience? No problem.

With our quickstart tutorials, advanced flight videos and dedicated live-chat pilot support, we give you everything you need to get you flying like a pro from day 1. 

Free Professional Explained Series Included

Take your footage to the next level with this series covering advanced videography and post-production techniques. $99 value, included for free.

Founder imageFounder image

Unsure? Here's 3 months to decide.

Love every second, or don't pay, with our Fly 'n Try program. 94% of people are happy with Ranger, but if you're not our satisfaction guarantee lasts for 3 months after purchase*

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People are talking.

Shark Tank's own Kevin O'Leary is just one of many huge EXO Fans! Kevin proudly endorsed EXO Drones as the leaders in customer support and expert service. 

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  • Megapixels  •  9MP
  • Video  •  2KHD, 25mb/s
  • Camera Sensor  •  1/3.2" Inch CMOS
  • Range  •  1/2 Mile
  • Flight Time  •  23-25 Minutes
  • Stabilization  •  3-Axis Gimal 
  • Difficulty  •  Easy 
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