Cinemaster 2

Love the camera, love the price.

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Fun for the vacation, useful for the profession. Meet Cinemaster 2.

Let's talk camera.

Crisp, Vibrant, Irresistible.

Stunning Video Capture

  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • 1080p Slow Motion
  • 3 Axis Gimbal

4K UHD Video  •  1080P Slow Motion  •  3 Axis Gimbal

Exposure & Color

Not all 4K Video is the same.

Recording true 4K at a 50mbps bitrate & f/2.5 aperture, the deep color and balanced light bring your shots to life more than resolution alone can.

Image Capture

A stunning photograph is worth 1,000 cheap ones.

Equipped with a 1/2.3in CMOS sensor, Cinemaster 2 captures 10MP images with richer color, more dynamic range, reduced noise, and more raw information for editing. 

Big sensor, massive color.

  • 1/2.3in CMOS Image Sensor
  • Adjustable Exposure & Color
  • 90 Million Colors
  • 10MP Photos

A stellar camera deserves a stellar quadcopter.

A reliably crafted,

perfectly steady, 

powerfully zippy,

just right, flying machine.

The performance you'd expect from a high-end quadcopter.

2 Speeds: Sport or Cinematic

A reliable hover, no matter the wind conditions.

<1 ft Altitude Hold

Let the drone do the flying.

Follow Me

Able to adapt to turns/trajectory shifts.

Circle Me

Set a center point and Cinemaster circles it for an epic shot.

Route Fly

Drop pins on a Google map, Cinemaster flies the route in sequence.

Built for the elements.

Level 5 wind resistance,

free case & folding design,

and no internet needed to fly.

no WiFi or cell service required

Never lose a drone again.

The Cinemaster 2 app shows the exact last location, keeping you prepared for the unexpected.

Especially at night.

Adjustable downward spotlight + colored arm lights.

So, what's new?


Cinemaster 1

1 Axis Gimbal

Cinemaster 2

3 Axis Gimbal

Flight Feature

Camera Stabilizer

Camera Sensor

Top Speed

Flight Time

Hover Stability Variance



Free Case


Cinemaster 1

1 Axis Gimbal

1/3in Sony

22 MPH

23 Minutes

< 2 ft


From $499

Felt/Foam Bag


Cinemaster 2

3 Axis Gimbal + EXOSmooth

1/2.3in Sony

27 MPH

28 Minutes

< 1 ft


From $499 ($349 Sale!)

Hardshell Case

Downward Light

Comes ready to fly with all accessories.

Free delivery via Amazon Prime! Get it as soon as tomorrow.

EXO Cinemaster 2

$349.00   $499 

On Sale Now!

  • Megapixels  •  10MP
  • Video  •  4K UHD, 50mb/s
  • Camera Sensor  •  1/2.3 Inch CMOS
  • Slow Motion  •  1080p HD 60fps
  • Flight Time  •  28 Minutes
  • Aperture  •  CMOS f/2.5
  • Stabilization  •  3-Axis Gimal + EXOSmooth™

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EXO Cinemaster 2 - 1 Battery Kit

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