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Exo Drone! Great experience!!!!

Very helpful, Great costumer support, Quick and Tracked delivery from the minute you place your order to receiving one of the many different options of drones. From beginner to professional!!! HAVE FUN!!!

Just started flying drones.
So I have crashed a few times.
Would like a chance to get better. But cant because you cant get replacement propellers I cant even find the right propellers for the screws that I have with my Blackhawk 2 pro let alone worrying about it be sold out.
I would not advise any one to buy fom them if this is the way they do business

unable to connect/ not worth the headache

I ordered my drone a few months ago before dropping the controller and the arm broke off. I had it replaced but I was unable to connect it to the drone. I spent many hours of frustration tryinging to get it to work again, but ultimately it was unsuccessful. I also try to contact the support team but they don't respond in a timely matter.

If you know what ND filters are for, you probably need some in your EXO life

I bought the full set of 8, because I wanted a polarizer and UV filter, in addition to the ND filters. The filters come in a tasteful little box, clearly (though tinily) labeled. You select the filter you need, peel the backing from the sticky side, and stick it to your camera's lens.

Why would you do this? Well, my curious friend, Neutral Density filters cut the amount of light that enters your camera's lens. When lots of light is entering, the camera compensates by slowing the ISO number way down, and speeding the shutter way up. This gives you video that looks... well, it looks almost fake. Your eyes normally see things at about 25 frames per second. And at that speed, things in motion are a bit blurry. When the shutter speed is high relative to the frames per second, video looks too crisp. Not terribly, mind you, but a bit. When we make movies or videos, it's best to try to make the world look a bit blurry when in motion, so it looks more natural, more "cinematic." The best way to do this is to slow down the shutter to about half the frame rate.

So, for instance, if you're filming at 60 frames per second (fps), you want your shutter speed to be about half of a sixtieth of a second, or about 1/120th of a second. But if you do this with the HUGE aperture on your new drone, all you'll see is light. It'll be like that song from the '80s, and your drone will be "Blinded by the light."

Welcome Neutral Density (ND) filters. Each one has a number on it - 8, 16, 32, or 64 - that tells you how much it'll slow the shutter down. For all practical purposes, each one cuts the light by 1 over the number of the filter, so 1/8th as bright, 1/16th as bright, etc. Since they're cutting the light by factors of two, you can use them to double/quadruple/octuple/hexadeciple (is that a word?) the shutter time. So, if the camera is currently using a 1/500th of a second shutter speed, and you slap an ND8 in front of it, suddenly, the drone wants to use 1/60th of a second (it's not quite evenly 1/8th of 500, but it's close enough for photographers). This 1/60th of a second lets some blur in, making the shot look 8 times as cinematic!

Now to these filters and their use on the EXO Blackhawk 2 and Blackhawk 2 Pro. They fit like the filters were made for them. When you have one on, it looks like it's molded to the camera. There's only one problem: the gimbal cover. You can't put the gimbal cover on the gimbal with a filter on your lens. This is a bit of a problem, and one I'd like to see fixed - maybe a gimbal cover that ships with filters that's maybe 3mm longer where the filter goes? Please?

Also, when you're done with the filter, you have to peel it off the camera. This does not leave sticky residue (or, at least, doesn't for me so far), but it does leave the filters a bit less sticky for next time. I'm concerned that when I use them 4 or 5 times, they'll stop being sticky at all. Plus, they stick to the foam inside the filter case. This may end up being a problem, as they may pull foam away with the sticky.

Ultimately though, my rating is still a 5 - they work as intended, fit better than a proverbial glove-fitting-glove, and help capture motion blur like Michael Bay when used judiciously. If you need them for your EXO Blackhawk 2/Pro, they're very good filters indeed. They might even work on the Mini, but I haven't one to try them on yet.

replacement props

I consider my self a good pilot its just I want backup props reguardless of what I'm doing. if I had the program to put in my 3-d printer I could make my own. this is rediculous to be sold out this long

Parts availability Stinks Here

I am currently doing some research to find some propellers for my Blackhawk 2 Pro. I'm not going to do without parts for a device that I intend to use as equipment/tools for my business just starting. So when I have the source for a match replacements, I will let the others who have left a note in the reviews can get them as well. I may just sell them on my website. Updates coming soon. Happy Flying Dronies!

No Props

Not that I crash a lot, I don't. I do like to have extra props if anything happens. There're not going to get any cheaper. And I didn't get all the replacement props that were promised in the package. Yet I have tried for weeks now and still nothing.
Not good. :-(

EXO = EXtended Outage of propellors

Seriously?!?!? Still no props?!?!?

Who's got the props!

This kind of ridiculous. When will props be available for the long screw and why did the change. I have been generally happy with my Blackhawk 2 Pro, but parts availability can be the difference between a solid product and poor product.

Great photos and easy to use

This is my first drone and I found it incredibly simple to use and found that it takes great pictures. The obstacle avoidance is a great feature for a first time flyer like myself and gave me additional confidence that I wasn't going to crash a new drone on the first flight.

Blackhawk 2 pro

Why aren't these propellers available? I see the short screws are available is it the same propeller? I can reuse the same screws.

Piece of Junk

This drone is a piece of junk. The battery takes 6+ hours to charge and if you don’t use it immediately, the battery will go dead without even being used. It’s very difficult to control outdoors unless you’re at eye level or below, and the app connection lags like crazy. Very disappointed and want my money back.

Conflicting information

Thought I would get close to thirty minutes but after ten minutes (calm skies no noticable wind) low battery alarm sounds.
Landed installed backup battery fully charged alarm ticked off again; I continued to fly for ten more minutes so what gives? Asked question about simm chip install never a reply, would appreciate some response besides requests for me to spend more $$$. Also, your advertisement for spare battery... it's listed specifications are different than what is written on my existing units.

Swelled Battery

I have sent an e-mail to support asking what the life expectancy of these batteries and they have made no comment. I purchased the Classic ranger in April of 2022 and the battery has swelled to a point it can not be used. That means these expensive batteries last only 6- 7 months. This makes this drone very very expensive to operate I have purchased 3 of these batteries and looks like in less than a year you can expect to pay $240.00 for battery replacement. These batteries should certainly last longer. Looking to change to a different Drone, too expensive for my pocket.

Battery swell

Charge my two batteries exactly the same. One is swollen and can’t be used. Batteries should last longer.

X7 Ranger Plus

I bought a Ranger Plus about 2 months ago. I'm new to Drones. Flies Great and takes Great pictures. The more I learn my Drone the more fun it is. I give it an A+

Blackhawk 2 Pro

Guys cmon... I'm literally DIEING for these propellers to be back in stock >:(

X7 Plus 👍

Incredibly easy to fly. Collision avoidance is great! Takes great pics. Tech support was super helpful. I’m primarily just a flyer and it is very smooth, controls are very easy to learn.

Love my X7 Plus

Incredibly easy to fly. Collision avoidance is great! Takes great pics. Tech support was super helpful. I’m primarily just a flyer and it is very smooth, controls are very easy to learn.

EXO X7 Ranger

Mid size law enforcement agency trying this drone as a potential adjunct equipment so each shift supervisor can have a basic drone on each shift.

The thought is to have an immediate response drone until robust drone with FLIR, super zoom, etc. and unlimited flight with power tether can be deployed.

So far, so good. Cost is at a point that it’s reasonable given tight budget constraints.

Had a positive outcome with an individual in a crisis situation to quickly assess topography and property layout (windows, doors, vehicle location, number of stories utilities, adjoining houses, etc).

Can’t give specifics, but it was a positive outcome. Having a drone really helped officer safety and individual in crisis by quickly assessing “lay of land.” Operator could immediately relay information on all sides for tactical and event analysis (really cut down on radio traffic, as all sides were relayed at once to all officers, command, and auxiliary responders).



The EXO Ranger red drone is GOOD but it didn’t come with a chip for the drone


I Am also, tire waiting waiting and waiting and they never on stock what’s up with that.
Are they coming from Jupiter or something

Idk yet

I just tried flying to this dron today and as soon as it started it took off on its own and went up in into a tree. Giving it one more chance then moving on

EXO X7 Ranger PLUS
David Heath
Good Drone

takes great photos good videos great for new pilots

Sold out STILL - C'mon!!!!!

Really tired of waiting for blades. Been months. Seriously - Months!!! I regret buying the Blackhawk pro as those blades are never in stock.