Meet the founders! 

Yep, these are the guys redefining the consumer drone industry.

Nobody thought it was a good idea, nobody thought it was even possible, we were told to stop wasting money on expensive engineers - but this was until people tried them. Now there are over 15,000 proud EXO customers, just this year alone.

 Some joke that we broke so many drones we had to make our own -

What all these crashes did was expose a systematic issue with drones - think about RayBan, Apple, Fiji Water - what's in common? Extreme markups - but at least we all know about them. Not to say their products aren't fantastic, but they have alternatives, substitutes that can do the same thing but for half the cost. Some people are fine paying thousands for their DJI or Autel drone - but for us, we asked why... then took bold action.

First up is the EXOPro Blackhawk - the first affordable, fully professional drone.

For those with even less to spend, we created Blackhawk's affordable sibling - EXO X7 Ranger.

And lastly the EXO Cinemaster, a mid-tier 4K camera drone with budget price tag.

When you watch a promo-reel for a drone, you expect to get that footage. Then you don't.

You cannot get professional footage without knowing how to make professional footage. It sounds simple, but it's true. We understand that, we hear you, we saw the "professional pilot not included" comments, so we hired one to teach you the secret sauce. Our one-of-a-kind "Professional Explained" series now packs a millennial's 10+ years of experience filming adventure/lifestyle into 30 minutes, the closest thing you could get to installing information into your brain. It's included with all drone purchases.

 Drones are confusing, and nobody made it simple

So EXO decided to fix that, too. Not one instruction would have to be read, and there was to be real human customer service. 3 hour hold times are now a thing of the past, and so are uneducated agents. Real people, real information, real-time, because sometimes it can't wait.