Behind the DRONES

EXO Drones launched with one mission - to provide consumers with a better drone buying experience. Better specs, better customer support, and all at the lowest cost in the industry.

Our Leadership

Charlie C.

Founder, CEO

From Salt Lake City, Utah - Chuck is the young gun in the driver's seat (with the biggest headaches known to man).

Alex B.


From Melbourne, Australia - Alex is handling the complex logistics, so it's easy for you.

Preston C.


From Nashville, Tennessee - Preston is responsible for solidifying partnerships and telling the world about EXO's disruption in the drone space.

Noah Thomas


From Nashville, Tennessee - Noah is our local tech nerd and drone wizard. Or is it the other way around?

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Drones Made Simple.

Everything that EXO embodies is based around this one simple idea. What if drones didn't have to be difficult?

EXO was the first drone company in the space to offer easy video tutorials, real-time pilot support 7-days a week and drone options accessible for any skill level and any budget.

What's Next?

We have very exciting news coming down the pipeline and we can't wait to share it with you. Click below for a first glimpse at our biggest drone launch ever! We promise it'll be worth it.

Sneak Peek
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Core values define a brand.

Core values define a brand.

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At EXO Drones, we pride ourselves on the quality of product we produce. In an industry filled with flashy ads pushing empty promises, EXO stands out. We promise the highest quality product at the lowest possible price, and we firmly stand behind that promise.

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EXO boasts the best customer support in the drone industry. Whether you're a seasoned drone veteran, or a first time flyer, our team of expert pilots will be there to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have.

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We don't just sell drones, we live them. The EXO family is comprised of individuals that are truly passionate about the drone space. From hobbyists to professional drone videographers, our team is truly drone obsessed.

Our Favorite Models

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