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EXO's Story

In the world of innovation, there are often two major players in a market. There's the first-mover and the innovator. History shows us the innovator almost always does it better.

The Drone Market Was Broken.

For more than a decade, there has been little technical competition in camera drones. One brand with no competition means they can do whatever they want- and they do. High prices, non-existent support, and selling your private data to China.

David vs Goliath.

The drone industry was one of the only on Earth with just one major player. But that has changed. EXO Drones are the innovators pushing the boundaries of what's possible with drones in this class.

Drones Made Simple.

We don't just sell drones, we guarantee the experience. On top of our obsession with technological innovation and commitment to affordability, we're devoted to ensuring simplicity with our drones. No pilot left behind.

Public Response

Fast forward almost 2 years, and EXO grew faster than anyone could've imagined. From 1 tech geek founder to now almost 50,000 customers, finding partnerships with global brands such as T-Mobile along the road, our technology now rivals the best ever created. We've come a long way since day 1, but we're just getting started.

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The Future of Drones.

In August 2022, OpenStore acquired Exo Drones with the goal of continuing to drive the original mission forward. Our shared passion & drive for innovation will allow us to continue to offer the most affordable professional tier of drones in the world.

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We don't just sell drones. It's a drone experience.

1. Better Support

Drones were difficult, we make them easy. Tutorials, quick-start guides, and a fully integrated ready-to-fly experience. You'll never feel left behind!

We understand that drones are perceived as difficult to learn, and that editing footage seems like a skill reserved for experts. How do we jump over these hurdles?

  • EXO was the first-ever drone company to provide tutorial videos for the entire flying & filming processes.
  • 100% free video LUT packs and photo presets included with every order. 
  • Optional EXOCare™ upgrade so you don't need a new drone after each accident.

2. Better Prices

Since day 1, we have prided ourselves on offering the best value drones in the world. Starting from only $99, EXO offers the lowest priced drones for relative specs, and will continue to do so no matter how large we grow.

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Don't think that means we don't have a full pro-tier class. EXO's all-new Blackhawk 2 Pro series has specs only seen on the top drones in the industry that sell for $1,500+. Starting at just $499, EXO's line of pro drones will give you the performance you've always dreamed of.

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3. Better Drones

In 2 short years EXO has pushed the line more than any other drone company. In that time, we have released a total of 10 different drone models, each better than the last. By #10, our drones rival the specs of the world's top camera drone models, while not forgetting about the hobby-grade and toy-grade pilots in the process. 

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4 Years of Innovation

Re-defining drones, 1 step at a time.

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