The EXO Experience

We don’t just sell you a drone and leave. We provide you with a drone experience package that removes the need for outside training, additional purchases, or additional research. Check out our list of free perks below.

Instructions as Videos
(No Drone Experience Required)

No user manual necessary. In 2 easy videos, you’ll visually be shown everything you need to know for setup, controlling, or using the features. And yes, we do also include a written manual.

Instant Tech Support,
13h/day & 7 days a week 

Stuck on something? Question about the drone? Just want someone to talk to? Our dedicated professional pilots have you covered. Seem too good? Open our live chat and try it out yourself!

Free Part 107 Course For Aspiring Drone Pilots

Hoping to get your Part 107 license to become a licensed commercial drone operator? We’ll save you $250 - We include a full Part 107 course for free with all of our drones.

Easy drone repair service
(If you ever need it!)

Need a quick fix? Head over to EXO Refurbish Service, submit a request, and we’ll ship back your drone and fully refurbish it for you in 4 easy steps.

Instructions On Flying Your EXO Drone Legally

With your drone, you’ll receive a pamphlet (& video) that details all the easy steps needed to fly recreationally or commercially. Including an explanation of which category you fall under.

Free Drone Content Creation

We understand what it takes to go from new pilot owner to a drone video expert - so we streamlined the process. You'll learn everything from the drone tech, to framing shots, to color grading your footage.

Free Custom Video LUT’s and Lightroom Presets

We send you our $50 color editing packs for FREE with every drone purchase, so that you can instantly make your drone shots vibrant. We'll also show you how to use the LUTs & Presets with your video editing software.

Free Accessories and ready-to-fly kits, with every purchase.

Get a free carry case, spare props, everything needed to fly, and more goodies with every EXO drone you purchase. And yes, every drone kit does include a controller… competitors, we’re looking at you.

Yep, And it's all For free

Drones can seem intimidating. We understand that. With EXO, you can get every resource (and much more!) needed to fly easily straight from the box, no matter your experience level. Join nearly 50,000 Americans in the past year who chose EXO drones, not only for the better drone, but also for the premium overall experience.

For the hobbyist.

EXO X7 Ranger

From $409

From $259   SAVE $150

For the professional.

EXOPro Blackhawk

From $799

From $799

For the content creator.

EXO Cinemaster

From $499

Sold Out