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EXO X7 Ranger PLUS

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  • Megapixels  •  9MP
  • Video  •  2KHD, 25mb/s
  • Camera Sensor  •  1/3.2" Inch CMOS
  • Range  •  1/2 Mile
  • Flight Time  •  23-25 Minutes
  • Stabilization  •  3-Axis Gimal 
  • Difficulty  •  Easy 
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Carry Bag

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x7 Ranger PLUS Drone

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x7 Ranger PLUS Battery

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x7 Ranger PLUS Controller

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X7 Ranger PLUS Manual

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USB - Type C Cable

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EXO Sticker Set

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Ranger PLUS At a Glance

Impressive Images

Capture and create beautiful scenes powered by Ranger's 4K 9MP camera, or film in 2K resolution.

Powerful Quadcopter

Sturdy, zippy, well-built, and with high-end flight specs such as battery life and obstacle avoidance. 

Easy for Anyone

With EXO video tutorials, 7-day pilot support and quick guides, flying a new drone is no longer a hurdle.

Intelligent Flight

Equipped with smart AI functions such as auto-return to home, find my drone, circle-me and more.

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How does Ranger Shape up to our other models, and the competition?

How does Ranger shape up to the competition?

EXO X7 Ranger Plus

From $259.00  $449 

EXO Cinemaster 2

From $349.00

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

From $1179.00

2K30fps Video

4K30fps Video

4K30fps Video

1/3.2" CMOS Sensor

1/2.3"CMOS Sensor

1/2.3"CMOS Sensor

9MP Camera

10 Megapixel Camera

12 Megapixel Camera

4096 x 3072px Still Image

3840 x 2160px Still Image

4000 x 3000px Still Image

25mb/s Max Bitrate

50mb/s Max Bitrate

100mb/s Max Bitrate

3-Axis Gimbal

3-Axis Gimbal + EXOSmooth™

3-Axis Gimbal

Level 6 Wind Resistance

Level 5 Wind Resistance

Level 5 Wind Resistance

25 Minute Flight Time

28 Minute Flight Time

31 Minute Flight Time

27MPH Top Speed

27MPH Top Speed

35MPH Top Speed

360° Obstacle Avoidance

No Obstacle Avoidance

OMNI Obstacle Avoidance

1/2 Mile Range

1/2 Mile Range

6 Mile Range

Customer Reviews

Based on 349 reviews
Decent little drone

I ordered here as opposed to Amazon, arrived in just a few days. Setup was easy, quick to get flying!

The Red on my drone isn't quite as bright as pictured here. Flew well, initial return to home was about 10' off. Seemed to hold position well at ~350'. Had 32gb card installed, took some photos and they're on my phone? IDK if they're on the card as well.

The controller holds my moto g stylus with it's cover on very well.

No problem aiming camera up and down with buttons, but nothing happened from buttons on left rear of controller? Manual provides basic information, no charging light on controller, have to turn it on to see if it's charging/charged.

Not USB C as in description.


This was my second drone, but I've flown my cousins DJI mini 2. the drone quality is pretty good. Obstacle avoidance is way too sensitive, and it makes it impossible to fly the drone, so don't pay the $50 for that. The range isn't that great, but I've seen worse. Video and stability is pretty good for a drone in this price range. The wind rating is as advertised. My problem is that on my second flight I tested the battery to see how long it could go, eventually the drone automatically went home, so it should've landed where I took off. well, I'm pretty sure I didn't take off in a tree and the drone sure landed in a tree, that feature is useless. battery life is normal for a drone this heavy, I think. Set up was easy but the app just isn't the best. At the end of the day, it's just a rebranded drone with slight upgrades.

Matheus Oliveira
Easy to use

Wow, this thing is easy to use for a newbie, takes great still photos and great videos. Awesome drone.

S Godin
Great first drone

This drone is great for first time drone pilots like me. I did have a couple of issues, one that was definitely user error on my end, and one that I hope was not my fault. But the customer service people were great to work with and all of my problems were resolved in a timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend Holy Stone to anyone.

Eve S.
Great drone for price and features

Had a few problems with the gps fux toons but after some practice I figured out all of the features. I broke a rear arm after a rough landing and they sent me a replacement no charge and responded to my email lightning fast. Great customer service

4 and climbing rating

Learning curve longer than my Mavic Air. The need to stop recording or lose the video 3rd time lost. Prefer not to use obstacle avoidance as it seems too sensitive. Other than that seems very well adapted to my needs.

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