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EXO X7 Ranger PLUS

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  • Megapixels  •  9MP
  • Video  •  2KHD, 25mb/s
  • Camera Sensor  •  1/3.2" Inch CMOS
  • Range  •  1/2 Mile
  • Flight Time  •  23-25 Minutes
  • Stabilization  •  3-Axis Gimal 
  • Difficulty  •  Easy 
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USA Edition • Standard • 1 Battery kit

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Carry Bag

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x7 Ranger PLUS Drone

x 1 (Excludes Battery)

x7 Ranger PLUS Battery

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x7 Ranger PLUS Controller

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x 8   (4 Spare)

X7 Ranger PLUS Manual

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USB - Type C Cable

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EXO Sticker Set

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Ranger PLUS At a Glance

Impressive Images

Capture and create beautiful scenes powered by Ranger's 4K 9MP camera, or film in 2K resolution.

Powerful Quadcopter

Sturdy, zippy, well-built, and with high-end flight specs such as battery life and obstacle avoidance. 

Easy for Anyone

With EXO video tutorials, 7-day pilot support and quick guides, flying a new drone is no longer a hurdle.

Intelligent Flight

Equipped with smart AI functions such as auto-return to home, find my drone, circle-me and more.

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Real customers, real experiences.

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How does Ranger Shape up to our other models, and the competition?

How does Ranger shape up to the competition?

EXO X7 Ranger Plus

From $269.00

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2K30fps Video

4K30fps Video

4K30fps Video

1/3.2" CMOS Sensor

1/2.3"CMOS Sensor

1/2.3"CMOS Sensor

9MP Camera

10 Megapixel Camera

12 Megapixel Camera

4096 x 3072px Still Image

3840 x 2160px Still Image

4000 x 3000px Still Image

25mb/s Max Bitrate

50mb/s Max Bitrate

100mb/s Max Bitrate

3-Axis Gimbal

3-Axis Gimbal + EXOSmooth™

3-Axis Gimbal

Level 6 Wind Resistance

Level 5 Wind Resistance

Level 5 Wind Resistance

25 Minute Flight Time

28 Minute Flight Time

31 Minute Flight Time

27MPH Top Speed

27MPH Top Speed

35MPH Top Speed

360° Obstacle Avoidance

No Obstacle Avoidance

OMNI Obstacle Avoidance

1/2 Mile Range

1/2 Mile Range

6 Mile Range

Customer Reviews

Based on 291 reviews
Dominic Smith
Great Drone

Good online information to help you get set up and going. Make sure you watch all the videos before operating.

M Almeida
Great for taking video and photos!

I have been very happy with my purchase.. They have stellar customer service. A reliable American company in SLC that truly stands behind their products.

Nathaniel Feeley
Excellent drone for the value

This is my second purchase. I use them for surveying the aftermath of wildfires. It works great for my needs. It is very easy to operate. Customer service has been outstanding.

Bartlett T
Ok but the optical sensor quite working

I didn't like that the optical sensor quite working

Nicolas Cunha
The service is wonderful I love my EXO Drones alots thanks

Its the New Experience for me lol!! I love it

B. Cook
Great product.

Very easy to operate, great, great value for the money

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