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X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones
X7 Ranger - EXO Drones

EXO X7 Ranger

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X7 Ranger


X7 Ranger Plus

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X7 Ranger


3 Axis Gimbal (1st Gen)

< 3 ft

7.4V 2800mAh

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X7 Ranger Plus

150° Laser Detection

3 Axis Gimbal (2nd Gen)

< 1 ft

7.6V 3400 mAh

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
A Santos
RC Airplane -> Ranger Drone, awesome!

Absolute bang for your buck. Im a former RC airplane flyer and I was able to (cautiously) take right off and start enjoying the flight. Sure, it doesnt have every bell and whistle, but its really not needed for my use. It has plenty of bells and whistles for me.

Seth Truman
A great high quality drone for under $500.

Before I start, let me preface this by saying that I do have prior experience with drones. That being said, this is the first drone I've purchased that was more than $200. So I may be easily impressed.

Now, this drone is awesome! For $400 I'm in awe at how many features it has. The GPS compatibility is probably the single greatest feature, as it allows the drone to perform accurate station-keeping even in 20 knot winds. It's incredible how stable it is in strong gusts. Coupled with the onboard barometer for altitude keeping, this drone will not move until you tell it to.

The Return-to-Home is amazing on it. If I lose contact with the drone and I can't see it, one button press and the drone will turn back and head home. The fact that it will climb to over 100 feet to clear itself of obstacles before starting the return home is something I really like. Keep in mind that the RTH seems to have about a 5 foot radius margin of error on landing. So make sure that on take-off you're not launching from a confined area, as the drone could collide with things.

The camera quality is great as well. Everything is crisp and easy to see.
The battery life is amazing. Almost half an hour is insane, especially when just 4 years ago 15 minutes of flight was the top of the line for drones. Add in an extra battery that comes with it, and you're set for almost an hour. The 4 hour recharge is a bit bothersome, but some drawbacks are expected.

My one big complaint is the Wi-Fi transmitter for FPV flight. I use an iPad Pro 8th Generation (2020) for the video feed. Once the drone gets about 300-500 feet away (as determined by the app telemetry), the signal stutters and lags, and after about 600 feet I lose telemetry and FPV entirely. I'm not certain if this is due to hardware/environmental issues or a d defect with my particular drone, but it's advertised as having over 3,000 feet of FPV range. So this is quite an issue. I'll post a video later as proof.

All in all though, this is one sweet drone, and an excellent alternative for someone who isn't ready to spend close to a thousand dollars on a DJI. I'd highly recommend it!

-Accurate GPS guidance
-Easy for beginners
-Very long flight range
-Long flight endurance
-Folding design for storage
-Quick setup
-Comes with spare rotors and tools

-Limited FPV range (on my drone)
-No collision avoidance
-Latency in the video feed
-App is sometimes finicky

(UPDATE: Unfortunately I've had to drop the rating to 3 stars. After about a week and 5 flights, the gimbal will no longer work on the drone. There's no wires that have been disconnected or any damage to the system. Hopefully customer support will help me this this.)

(UPDATE II: After contacting EXO's customer support staff, I was offered a replacement drone completely free of charge. If you're on the fence about getting this drone, don't hesitate. Buy it! The customer service alone is top tier! A very special thanks to John for helping me out! You rock EXO!)

R Lew
Long battery, easy set up. Fun to fly

It's easy to set up, gives great video quality and has a long battery life.

One warning though, video gamers should practice with this in an open area for a while as the controls are a bit counterintuitive if you are used to gaming controls.

Angus C
Great drone

This is my first drone and everything was simple to hook up and so far with the ease of flying it makes a noob like me look like I have been flying them for awhile.

Great drone

This drone has done so much better than I imagined it could. They are telling the truth when they say you can fly it straight from the box. I have flown this drone in all kinds of weather and I am impressed. In all the best I’ve had. It even beat out my Autel.

Nancy Gardner

My first drone. Super easy to learn and works great right out of box! So happy with the drone