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 Capture expert shots!

  • Stable camera (3-axis gimbal)
  • Tilts to birdseye

Stable camera (3 axis gimbal)

Tilts to birdseye

  • 4k dynamic camera
  • Dual-Cameras
  • Zoom lens
  • 110o vertical camera tilt

Stabile camera gimbal

Tilts to birdseye

4k photo - 2k video

Dual HD Cameras (front and bottom)

Zoom lens

110o vertical camera tilt

 Become an expert in minutes. 

 We explain everything! From first flight to editing videos - our tutorials cover it all. Plus, we give 24/7 expert support, always. 

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More about the Ranger!



One tap on the remote and Ranger will fly home and land.


Ranger will return automatically when remote control signal is interrupted.


Ranger will return and land when power is too low.

Flight made Simple.

HD live video feed

Easily operate camera and in-flight features

Monitor your location/dynamics

Simple App instructions (video and labels)

 25 Minute Flights

Light and Interchangeable

Extra Batteries Fit in Case

7.4v Lithium Ion 

  • Light and Interchangeable
  • Extras Fit in Case
  • 7.4v Lithium Ion 

Fly anywhere.

  • Comes with Travel Bag
  • Foldable Arms + Controller
  • Quick Set-up 

Comes with Travel Bag

Foldable Arms + Controller

Quick to Takeoff

  • "I have been flying this company's Ranger drone for a few months, can attest they live up to their name. Outstanding service -a they stand by what they sell - and it's a great product. I use it mostly for my roofing business, but it was a fun tax write off for the weekends."
    - Israel H*******, Verified Purchaser - July 17 2021

 Ranger on a Weekend

Ranger on a Roadtrip!

Follow a moving subject

1) Follow a moving subject

Subject Image Follow

Draw a box around yourself and X7 will follow, keeping you centered the whole time.

GPS Tracking

Or keep your phone on you, and X7 will track/film via its signal.

Drop pins on a Google Map, and AI flies the route, handsfree.

- And AI flies the route, completely hands-free.

Pick a center and the drone 360s it, keeping you centered for an epic shot.

And X7 circles you.

Keeping you centered for an epic blockbuster effect. 

Drone with zoom camera, drone HD camera zoom, HD drone with zoom


You make a rectangle, X7 starts recording.


No photographer? No problem! Just throw up some deuces and X7 snaps the shot.


A wave hello will also do the trick!

  • "My son loves his! Had gotten a $200 drone for him in the past, and it was get what you pay for, this one is a big leap up."
    - Mike Lee,  Verified Purchaser - Oct. 17 2021

Built for Everything.

 GPS for Outdoor Locationing

...or LightStream for Indoor Precision

Fly in Windy Conditions

Pack it, without a scratch.

Compatible with Virtual Reality

Film the night, without losing sight.

Make it Insta-Worthy!

Fly it, then edit it - all in our app.

Fly it, then edit it. All in our app.

 Add filters and color

 - Add filters and color -

- Add some music -

 - Add some music -

- Then share, all with just a tap.

- Then share, all with just a tap.

  • "Love Exo Drones! Their customer service is really what got me, their hands on team made it easy to work through any confusion I had. Inexpensive drones with a surprisingly good remote control and camera."
    - Andrew Michalik, Verified Purchaser - Sept 30, 2021

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  • Megapixels  •  9MP
  • Video  •  2KHD, 25mb/s
  • Camera Sensor  •  1/3.2" Inch CMOS
  • Range  •  1/2 Mile
  • Flight Time  •  23-25 Minutes
  • Stabilization  •  3-Axis Gimal 
  • Difficulty  •  Easy 
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