EXO Care

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*Must be purchased within 2 days after delivery of drone*

EXO Care guarantees you a brand new drone, no matter what happened. It's your ultra-affordable drone protection against any accidental damage. Pay a small, one-time fee to purchase EXO Care coverage, then if your drone is damaged during the duration of your EXO Care care plan, you can send it back for a new one. Pay a fixed replacement fee and get a completely new drone sent back to you - a fixed fee no matter how severe the damage.

Upon purchasing EXO Care, you'll be emailed an EXO Care ID number. Anytime you need to claim an EXO Care incident, just head over to this page, type in your information, and you'll be sent a return label for a swift replacement process.

How Many Times Can I Use It?

Your EXO Care plan can only be used once.

Plan Costs:

Range in price from $29 - $149 depending on the drone your purchased. 

*Lost drones incur an additional fee.

Replacement Fees:

Drone Model Replacement Fee Scout $49 X7 Ranger Plus $109 Cinemaster 2 $109 Mini $229 Mini Pro $239 Mini Pro Obstacle Avoidance $269 Blackhawk 2 $269 Blackhawk 2 Pro $279 Includes Standard Product Warranty. Any intentional damage done to your drone for the purpose of claiming a replacement is not eligible for EXO Care coverage.

EXO Care is only eligible for refund for 15 days after your drone delivers. See our returns policy here.