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 Ready to Fly (straight from box)
 Easy Video Instructions
 Read the exact product specs here or go through the Drone Breakdown


Includes 'Professional Explained' series taught exclusively by Chuck the Drone Guy! Learn the in and outs of engaging photo, video, and editing like the pros.

What's in the box?


 *Battery quantities vary based on selection.

1x Quadcopter
1x Carry Case 
1-5x Batteries (select quantity above)
12x Propellers (8 extra)
3x USB Phone Cables
1x Remote Controller
1x Drone Charger
1x RC Charging Cable
Manual and Documents

  Includes 1/2 hour PERSONAL LESSON with an EXO Pro.
 9AM-Midnight Expert Tech Support.

When will it arrive?
For USA residents, your EXO will be in your hands within 1-5 days of purchase, for free. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Surpassing the field

Well, I looked for years to find something comparable to the DJI, I saw this Blackhawk on an advertisement from facebook I think. So I figured what the hell, let's try it. Let me just say, DJI, move over. There's a new Sheriff in town and their name is EXO. I've flown a lot of drones through the years, from $25 - $5500 and I have to say that the Blackhawk can keep up with the Big Boy's. Since then I've purchased the Blackhawk 2 Pro and the Blackhawk Series Mini Pro. Just when I thought they couldn't get any better, Bam, there it is. By far the best bang for your buck drone that, in my opinion, just took the lead in the drone war with DJI. Incredible handling and so easy to fly. A++++
AJ Abshire

Gabriel Dias


Nito Mortera
Love At First Flight!

1st video.