Meet Scout 

Greatness from an affordable mini-drone.

Meet Scout 

Greatness from an affordable mini-drone.

HD Aerial Photo/Video

Easy for Kids

3 Speed Levels

Extremely Durable

The Ferrari of Toy Drones 

Available in 2 sleek designs

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Watch the Video

Let's talk fun to fly:

A satisfying amount of power and zip,


Brushless motors and 6.7v power unit

with 3 adjustable speed levels.

Easy to use? 

Simply power on,

touch once for takeoff/land,

then enjoy auto altitude hold.

Simple Power On

Auto Takeoff/Land

 Altitude hold

Most toys drift and crash.

Scout holds its position and won't drift into objects, bottom sensor AI assisted.

What about aerial shots?

1080p video and 6MP photo

Photo and video saved directly to your phone.

Tilt and zoom that camera

Tilt the camera straight down/up and enjoy 10X digital zoom

All with an HD Live-feed

See an instant camera feed with a 315ft range.

Portable and Durable?

Folds Pocket Size

  • Retains flight stability even after 1000's of folds

Crashes Without Breaking

Oops proof. Crash into walls with infrequent damage to the drone.

How long does it fly for?

15 minute flight time, per battery. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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EXO Scout

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  • Megapixels  •  6MP
  • Video  •  1080HD 30FPS
  • Difficulty  •  Easy
  • Flight Time  •  15 Minutes
  • Speed  •  Up to 15MPH
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