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Great drone, terrible company

Ordered a Zino Pro Plus which arrived, and failed on its very first test flight--an automatic take off to 2 meters, followed by automatic landing, at which it flipped over on its back and the left rear motor would no longer spin up. I got customer service on chat immediately. They instructed me to send the drone back and that it would take 6-9 weeks to repair. However, they said, if I wanted to fly sooner, they would sell me a replacement drone at a discounted price ($300 instead of $349) that would ship out as soon as I gave them a tracking number that they could use to verify my return was on the way. I followed all these instructions; paid for the replacement, and shipped the return from UPS with professional packing and insurance (costing an additional $100). They did not ship the replacement right away--took several prompts and about a week. It did arrive then, in used and torn packaging. The drone itself is wonderful, I have nothing but good things to say about this Zino Pro Plus. Then more trouble: I asked Exo if this was my original drone repaired, or a reconditioned replacement: no answer. I waited a week or so, then asked when I could expect reimbursement for my return. I got an email back saying there would be no reimbursement because I had not purchased "replacement insurance." I pointed out (both by return email and by the chat---and they only occasionally answer chats, despite all the claims of immediate response) that I had paid them for TWO drones, and RETURNED ONE per their instructions, and that I now had one (used?) drone at the end of all this. I got no response to the email and one chat response saying "standby" while they checked the account....then nothing. The irony is that during the purchase of the replacement drone there was a check box to give them a tip, which I did, bringing that one to full price. So, while I am very pleased with the drone itself, I ended up paying about $800 for this whole process, and am extremely disappointed with what is either (charitably) total disorganization at Exo Drones or (less charitably) dishonest business practice.

Good first drone

I've liked it so far. Not a bad drone, support is really nice

Good first drone

The support was awesome, definitely got my moneys worth. Spent a long time chatting with the awesome guys at EXO, and the drone was quite easy to use. Support 10/10, quality of drone like an 8/10. I got the ranger, isn't like fully professional, but for the price unmatched. Better than my old DJI spark

Ranger is a HIT

Hi, got my ranger about 4 weeks ago and had it flying within 5 minutes. Battery came charged and i just followed the quickstart video and was super easy. My instagram game just got a lot better, and I didn't expect to be getting expert shots so quickly. Drones seemed like sucha commitment, but it was actually completely different than I thought with the EXO Ranger. they weren't kidding about the whole 'drones for anybody' thing. Would reccomend to anyone who just wants to get flying without having to learn about aviation or robotics or anything