We're all about transparency.

EXO Drones is held under our LLC in Wyoming, (ask us for the entity!) and is run day-to-day from Salt Lake City, UT.  Our business is legally owned, operated, and warehoused in the United States, and our drones are manufactured with our partners in Hong Kong. Like GoPro, we used mostly technology that was already created to launch, and modified it into our own line of products. EXO Drones, like our counterparts, serves as a retail brand providing videography/photography drones with warrant guarantees, post-consumer support, instructional videos, and heads everything it takes to get a drone from factory papers into a happy consumer. 

Buying with EXO is like one big guarantee. If your drone isn't everything we promise it to be, we'll get you a new one. If you decide you don't want our drone, we'll take it back. If you hope to get professional content, we don't just advertise it with professionals, we hired one to teach you how to do it. We make instructions as videos, so you can learn to do everything the drone promises. We have expert pilots providing real-time customer support all day, every business day - and you have our full attention. Everything we do is to make you happy, as we follow the textbook definition of a business - ' An entity adding value to consumers.'  We do this through better quality, lower prices, and ensuring a positive end-to-end experience. 

We're sure you may have some questions, so you can get immediate answers by live chatting us now! Happy browsing, and we hope you choose the EXO Experience!