X7 Ranger PLUS Drone Battery

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Drone Finish

Conquer the skies.

EXO Intelligent Batteries inform you of the power level, real-time, allowing you to focus less on power levels and more on flying.


Key Features

High-energy lithium-ion batteries

Up to 25 minutes of battery life

Multiple intelligent battery protection features

What you're getting

Intelligent Drone Battery (selected quantity)

Tech Specs

Battery type: Three-cell polymer lithium-ion battery

Rated Capacity: 3200 mAh, 7.6V 

Limited Charge Voltage: 5.5 V

Charge Temperature: -10° to 60 °C

Discharge Temperature: 5° to 40 °C


EXO X7 Ranger / X7 Ranger PLUS

Customer Reviews

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Conflicting information

Thought I would get close to thirty minutes but after ten minutes (calm skies no noticable wind) low battery alarm sounds.
Landed installed backup battery fully charged alarm ticked off again; I continued to fly for ten more minutes so what gives? Asked question about simm chip install never a reply, would appreciate some response besides requests for me to spend more $$$. Also, your advertisement for spare battery... it's listed specifications are different than what is written on my existing units.

Swelled Battery

I have sent an e-mail to support asking what the life expectancy of these batteries and they have made no comment. I purchased the Classic ranger in April of 2022 and the battery has swelled to a point it can not be used. That means these expensive batteries last only 6- 7 months. This makes this drone very very expensive to operate I have purchased 3 of these batteries and looks like in less than a year you can expect to pay $240.00 for battery replacement. These batteries should certainly last longer. Looking to change to a different Drone, too expensive for my pocket.

Battery swell

Charge my two batteries exactly the same. One is swollen and can’t be used. Batteries should last longer.

These batteries are 7.6v

I don’t know why the previous commenter said they are not the 7.6v. Maybe they can’t read good.

Bull. Where to order newbstter for ranger. 7.6 v. ?

Total bullshit. Can't order the battery that the ranger needs. A 7.6v. All you list is a 11.4v battery.

Hey Michael.

We apologise for the miss information provided on our website! This seems to be a typo on our end that is currently being fixed, and you can safely purchase this battery and be certain it is a 100% certified EXO battery. Thank you for flagging this for us. To show our thanks, please reach out to support to receive a special gift from us!