• Why choose EXO Blackhawk?
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  • EXO Drones' Blackhawk is the most affordable fully professional drone on the market, period.
  • Buying with EXO is like buying local.
  • There's more to a drone shot than knowing how to fly, it needs lessons a manual can't teach you.

EXO has you covered, end to end. You'll be not only capable of replicating professional video, but also acquire the knowledge to start your own creative direction. We present to you the Blackhawk Experience - Smooth video. Vibrant images. AI flight features, seamless mobile software - all that fancy stuff - but with lessons on how to master them, and lessons on how to master video/photography. A full creative direction, for a price of only $700.

  • With EXO, an alternative is born.

 It is no longer a hard choice between a trinket gift drone and an overpriced 4k drone. With Blackhawk, you can shoot 4k 30FPS for 85 mins/session, for an unbeatable price. It no longer requires commitment to start shooting professional-grade shots, and with our unrivaled in-flight technology, it no longer requires experience.

  • The future of capture is with drones.

 You could shoot with a normal 4k camera - or use a 4k camera that can go 35+ MPH, cover all X, Y, and Z axis’, stabilized, automated, and intelligently. Recently drone videography has taken over film - the time has never been better, and it’s never been easier, to start flying towards that next level of content creation!

  • If ‘ya like the nerdy details like us, read through our product specs!