EXO Drones Part 107 Commercial Drone Course

Included free with every EXO drone.

For aspiring commercial pilots who need a Part 107 license - we give you the full training for free. Guaranteed pass, if you follow everything. ($199 Course Value)

What's Included?

Module 1

What Is Part 107?

21 Minutes

What is 14 CFR Part 107? (2:27)

Remote Pilot Certificate (2:23)

Drone Registration (2:29)

Part 107 Limitations (3:07)

Part 107 Operating Rules (2:46)

Preflight (1:57)

Accident Rules (2:26)

Waivers (1:31)

Review (1:52)

Module 1 Quiz: Regulations

Module 2

Visual Flight Rules

21 Minutes

Visual Flight Rules (1:18)

Airports (3:08)

Airspace (3:05)

Navigation (2:31)

Culture (1:19)

Hydrography (0:43)

Relief (1:01)

Traffic Patterns (2:14)

Notams (1:33)

 Lat & Longs (4:21)

Review (2:51)

Module 2 Quiz: Airport Operations

Module 3

Airspace Rules

17 Minutes

Basic Airspace (2:26)

Controlled Airspace (3:13)

Special Use Airspace (4:05)

Other Airspace (3:50)

Review (2:52)

Module 3 Quiz: Airspace

Module 4

Weather Conditions

21 Minutes

Stability (3:15)

Air Masses (2:54)

Clouds (2:27)

Winds (2:51)

Icing (3:04)

Thunderstorms (3:51)

Density Altitude (1:50)

Review (3:33)

Module 4 Quiz: Weather

Module 5

Weather Reports

18 Minutes

Weather Reports (2:38)

TAF (8:18)

METAR (6:06)

SIGMETs (1:43)

Review (1:40)

Module 5 Quiz: Weather Reports

Module 6


11 Minutes

Basic Aerodynamics (3:11)

Weight & Balance (3:40)

Aerodynamic Stability (2:47)

Load Factor (2:53)

Review (1:09)

Module 6 Quiz: Loading and Performance

Module 7

Crew Resource Management

13 Minutes

Human Factor (2:48)

Hazards & Risk (1:54)

Hazardous Attitudes (4:28)

Emergency Procedures (3:30)

Review (1:50)

Module 7 Quiz: Crew Resource Management

Module 8

Radio Communications

12 Minutes

Radio Communications (2:22)

Call Signs (2:37)

Radio Frequencies (3:22)

Traffic Pattern without a Control Tower (3:35)

Review (1:59)

Module 8 Quiz: Radio Communications

Module 9

Physiological Factors

14 Minutes

Basic Physiological Factors (2:15)

Stress & Fatigue (4:17)

Physiological Conditions (3:14)

Drugs & Alcohol (5:09)

Review (2:04)

Module 9 Quiz: Physiological Factors

Module 10


7 Minutes

Basic Maintenance (3:34)

Inspections (3:19)

Review (1:23)

Module 10 Quiz: Maintenance

Module 11

Night Operations

20 Minutes

Physiology (6:51)

Anti-collision Lighting (3:19)

Obstacle Avoidance (1:29)

Determine Aircraft Position at Night (0:58)

Circadian Rhythms (4:09)

Low Flying Aircraft (1:33)

Module 11 Quiz: Night Operations

Final Exam

Practice Exam

60 Questions

 7 Steps to becoming a Professional Drone Pilot (3:10)

Practice Exam

What is a Part 107 Drone License, and when do I need it?

Great question!

What is it?

A Part 107 License is a drone license needed for when you use your drone commercially, or in other words, when you use your drone to make money or other forms of compensation. This could be for shooting real estate or using it for your roof inspection business.

Do I need it?

You need it if you’re using your drone for work. If you’re getting compensated to use your drone, it’s deemed as ‘commercial use’, and requires you to have a Part 107 license. Generally, if you’re making money (or getting another form of compensation) with your drone, you need to get a Part 107 license.

 You don’t need it if you don’t use a drone commercially. If you’re just using a drone for recreational uses, such as hobby flying or filming/shooting for fun, you fall under the ‘Recreational Pilots Exception’ and don’t need a Part 107 license.

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