Meet Blackhawk 2

Professional made easy.

Follow Any Subject, up to 30MPH.

EXOTrack 3.0 follows you up to 200ft away and at 35 MPH+. Draw a box around your subject, or select follow controller - then choose if you want the drone to follow in a line or follow & circle simultaneously.

Pro Drone Shots with No Hands

Capture professional-level motions with ease. Select your feature, tap 'Go', then sit tight as software captures your perfect shot.

World Class Drone Performance


UHD Video

5+ Mile


35 Min

Flight time



30 MPH

Wind Resistance


CMOS Sensor

Critics are raving.

See why Blackhawk 2 is being deemed the best camera drone release of 2022.

4K | 12MP

Let's Talk Camera

The aerial photo and video output on Blackhawk 2 Series is the quality of any professional drone. Whatever your needs are for aerial shooting, Blackhawk 2 will get it done in high resolution, perfect exposure, and full of color.


Professional Video Quality

Capture production-level 4K video with clearer dynamic range, deeper color, reduced noise, and with more image information. At a 100mbps bitrate, the H-Log video output from Blackhawk 2 will bring a new level of quality to your aerial shots.

12MP | Sony Sensor

Next-Level Photographs

Let's Talk Flight Specs 

35 Minutes

Longest Flight Time

Carry and swap out fewer batteries with up to 35-minute flight time. Plus, use your free carry case for any spares.

5+ Miles

Furthest Range

View a 1080p live-feed and control the drone from up to 10KM or 5 miles away. With Syncleas 3.0, we’ve upgraded the possibities of where a drone can explore in a single flight.

A Speed For Every Occasion

Bolting at 35+ MPH, Sport Mode gives you full throttle for action shots or tough wind conditions.

Unlock a Billion Colors

8-bit Balanced Color Profile

- Powered by a Sony 1/2.6" sensor (12MP)
- H-Log Raw Color Profiles
-Fully adjustable camera settings

Variable Light? No Problem.

Blackhawk 2 Pro aperture ranges from f/2.2 for night shooting to f/12 for bright light. It adjusts automatically to current conditions to ensure professionally exposed imaging, every time.

Advanced software makes flying impossibly easy.

Blackhawk 2 returns to you and lands, on command or when vitals need it. Choose to either return to the take off location, current location, or have it land in place.

Warp time from the sky.

Introducing hyperlapse. Automated timelapes, from above. 

Not just a drone, a full experience.


Part 107 Course & More

  • Free Part 107 Course ($199 value)
  • Easy drone tutorials and legal overviews
  • Content creation mini-course

USA Data Security

Drone & app data encrypted and stored by EXO's HQ in Utah.

So many benefits.
All free.

  • Free Carry Case
  • Full Part 107 Course
  • Free 1 year EXO Premium membership
  • Extra propellers, joysticks, & sticker pack
  • Lifetime tech support

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EXO Blackhawk 2 

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  • Megapixels  •  12MP
  • Obstacle Avoidance  •  N/A
  • Video  •  4K, 100mb/s
  • Camera Sensor  •  1/2.6 Inch CMOS
  • Slow Motion  •  N/A
  • Flight Time  •  35 Minutes
  • Aperture  •  f/2.2 - f/12
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