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Roland L Packer Jr
Just didn't like it was packed like it was thrown in box

Replacement was scratches on the body blades bent just not like what I received the first time

john carvalho
dropped out of sky twice

first flight with replacement drone it again dropped out of the sky no trees, excellent wifi, triple checked battery being secured and was at 446m out and 27m up now wont connect to controller now and unable to use first drone was sent back for same issue

steven woods
Second chance was a joke!!

I bought a zino pro plus,March 25, 2021 it arrived April 24, 2021 then when it Arrived the camera was malfunctioning. I sent it back April 26,2021. I tracked it back to you may 1,2021 you receive it, I called you guys to see when you were going to send me a new drone, I was given the run around , EXO finally told me they needed to make sure I did not crash the first one that it would be 4 to 7 days to check it out, at 7 days it was still not checked out and was given the run around some more. I finally got my drone on the 13th of may 2021 and it was used, it was muddy and the blades were bent and it had someone else’s SIM card in it!! And again the camera did not work. So I don’t know what’s going to happen now, I should just get my money back and go to someone else!! If your thinking of buying a drone from this company good luck I hope you have plenty of patience!!

David S Pepper
Not yet…

I haven’t received it yet. All in good time.

Domenick DiSimone
Great Company

I had a problem with my Drone camera. I did a live chat to determine the problem and without NO hesitation I was instructed to return mine and I received a New one! Awesome customer service!

Jeffrey Schweitzer
Off to a great (second) start!

The first drone I ordered suffered an anomaly the first time I tested it: took off to 5 feet or so, landed but then the aft port motor failed and would not run properly. The replacement was shipped quickly after I sent it back, and this one works perfectly. Easy to use and with great quality videos. Very impressive stabilization and the app is especially useful. As appropriate for a drone from Shenzhen, it also has a pleasant voice and speaks its notifications with a nice Chinese accent