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Replacement Insurance (Cinemaster)

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*Must be purchased within 2 days after delivery* Whatever happened, happened! If you can get it to us, we'll replace it. Simple as that. Can be used (1) time within allotted duration. 

- Insurance is automatically updated in our database after purchase - 

REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: In the case of any accidental, unintended, or negligent damage to the structure or technological vitals of your quadcopter, EXOTech warrants this product to be replaced in its entirety, including any flying accessories such as the controller or propellers, one time during the duration of your damage warranty. Any piece that is returned in some form with proof of purchase can be replaced, and you are able to warrant different pieces of the product at separate times. 

Includes Standard Product Warranty

Customer Reviews

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William Williamson
Attempted return

I sent in A return request within 8 days of receipt. I only flew it twice. Once for about 5 meters and it wouldn't stabilize. I read and read reread the owners manual and watched the videos to assure myself of proper usage. I flew it A second time 35 meters and it would drift on its own. I'm still waiting for A return label.

Warner Winn
cross my fingers

with luck I hope that I have to never use the replacement insurance. But it is nice to know that it is there

Martin Lewis

Omg where do I start I was very impressed with your product and I didn't want to give you a review until I had been through the replacement process and all around I was impressed great product no doubt good customer service keep up the great work

Cory Copeland
Lifetime warranty

Purchased lifetime warranty and haven’t received but was shipped out following day after chatting with them