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EXO Recon
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What's in the Box?
Carry Bag
x 1
Recon Drone
x 1 (Includes 1 Battery)
Blue Camo Wrap
x 1
Recon Controller
x 1
Propeller Guards
x 4 (1 set)
x 4 (1 set)
USB - Type C Cable
x 1
Phone Holder
x 1
Recon At a Glance
One Click Liftoff
With easy and intuitive controls, you'll go from box to air in minutes.
Indoor and Outdoor
Sturdy, zippy, compact, and optimized for both indoor and outdoor maneuvering.
Easy for Anyone
With EXO video tutorials, flying a new drone is no longer a hurdle.
Tricks Up Your Sleeve
Enjoy built-in smart controls that make the drone flip automatically. Perform stunts that will wow the crowd.
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EXO Recon
From $89
HD20fps Video
CMOS Sensor
1MP Camera
3840 x 2160px Still Image
20mb/s Max Bitrate
Night Mode
10 Minute Flight Time
7MPH Top Speed
No Obstacle Avoidance
98.4 Ft Range
EXO X7 Ranger Plus
From $259
2K30fps Video
1/3.2" CMOS Sensor
9MP Camera
4096 x 3072px Still Image
25mb/s Max Bitrate
3-Axis Gimbal
Level 6 Wind Resistance
25 Minute Flight Time
25 Minute Flight Time
27MPH Top Speed
1/2 Mile Range
EXO Cinemaster 2
From $349
4K30fps Video
1/2.3"CMOS Sensor
10MP Camera
3840 x 2160px Still Image
50mb/s Max Bitrate
3-Axis Gimbal + EXOSmooth™
Level 5 Wind Resistance
28 Minute Flight Time
27MPH Top Speed
1/2 Mile Range
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