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EXO Scout

Who's it for?

For those hoping to have a fun time flying a RC camera drone. Great gift and perfect for kids or for those dipping their feet in the water.

What's it like?

Scout is for joyriding and fun times. It has zippy speed, flies well indoors, and is easy for kids or first time drone flyers. Scout has a fun camera and live-feed, though it's not made for Hollywood.

From $129

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EXO X7 Ranger PLUS

Who's it for?

When in doubt, get a Ranger. Hobbyists and joyride flyers are a better fit than cameramen, but it functions for both. Everyone loves it, from dads to teens.

What's it like?

Ranger PLUS is best described as a 7/10 across all boards of drone specs. From the joyride aspects to the camera, battery, and range, Ranger is versatile and powerful, but while not being fully centered on any one.

From $449

From $274

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EXO Cinemaster 2

Who's it for?

For people who want a pro camera on a budget, it's the #1 option. Being a steady, reliable, and fast flyer, it's also up the alley of 'just for fun' flyers.

What's it like?

Cinemaster 2 gets professional grade video and stellar photo. It's the #1 budget cinema drone. Flight wise it is even stronger than the Ranger, with a bomb-steady hover and zippy sport mode.
(Cinemaster 2 is many of EXO Drones employee's favorite drone!)

From $499

From $349

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EXOPro Blackhawk

Who's it for?

For the professional. If you're doing commercial grade or high level YouTube type video, you should invest in Blackhawk as it is fully maxed out on everything.

What's it like?

Blackhawk is a 9 or 10 / 10 at almost every part of being a drone. Perfect video and photo, a reliable 3+ mile range, extended battery life, advanced smart-fly modes that work perfectly, and more.

From $799

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