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Replacement Insurance (X7 Ranger)

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*Must be purchased within 2 days after delivery* Whatever happened, happened! If you can get it to us, we'll replace it. Simple as that. Can be used (1) time within allotted duration. 

- Insurance is automatically updated in our database after purchase - 

REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: In the case of any accidental, unintended, or negligent damage to the structure or technological vitals of your quadcopter, EXOTech warrants this product to be replaced in its entirety, including any flying accessories such as the controller or propellers, one time during the duration of your damage warranty. Any piece that is returned in some form with proof of purchase can be replaced, and you are able to warrant different pieces of the product at separate times. 

Includes Standard Product Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Flight features tutorial

Cannot see the PRt 2 flight features tutorial video. Have tried a dozen times ND it will not open to view. Please advise.

Never recieved it

Is been weeks since iI so ordered the drone had it shipped, and recieved the original drone. After watching the startup videos and a couple other other videos on you tube, I couldn't get it to work. So I had to get help via chat, since there's no phone support. Got an unsympathetic chat helper to question whether I've watched videos etc only to find that it was in fact defective. Rather than sending out a new one promptly, I get a return label to send only the drone back. That was more than a few weeks ago and still no drone.

Awesome warranty!

This warranty is a big relief for an individual just starting with drones. Price is right.

Better safe than sorry

Haven’t actually had to use the insurance, but the reality is I got the drone and had to wait 3+ months to actually take it out to fly. I’m a noob, and expected to crash (a lot). So the 1 year warranty was already 1/4 wasted. Lifetime seemed like a better option, and the cost was reasonable. The customer service so far has been amazing, and hopefully I won’t need the warranty, but if (when) I do, I have confidence in this company.

Replacement Insurance

I wish DJI had replacement insurance like EXO. It’s a big fight to get them to do anything !


Not sure i havent been able to use it yet as no one will respond ..